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Gath – Tel Tsafit

gath tel tsafit panorama

Tel Tsafit is identified with Biblical Gath, hometown of Goliath.

Excavations carried out at the site since 1996 by Prof. Aren Meir of Bar-Ilan University have uncovered remains of a 500 dunams city, destroyed in the 9th century, most likely by Hazael king of Aram, as attested in the Bible (II Kings 12:18).

Unfortunately most of the excavated area are still covered between seasons, and there isn’t much to see at the site yet, but it is a good starting point for a tour focusing on the Battle of David and Goliath .


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Points of Interest in the Area

philistine street The “Philistine Street” 
 lachish Tel Lachish
 qeiyafa Khirbet Qeiyafa