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The Karaites are a Jewish religious movement that developed in different stages in antiquity. Their most common characterization is rejecting Rabbinical interpretation of biblical laws. Being so, they do not follow many laws and traditions known in Orthodox Judaism today. By Karaite tradition, their synagogue in Jerusalem was founded in the 8th century. However, architectural analysis suggests the building was constructed in the Crusaders’ times. Nevertheless, it is still one of the oldest buildings in Jerusalem and is the oldest synagogue in Jerusalem’s Old City.

Touring the Karaite Synagogue in Jerusalem

Today, the synagogue is lower than the street level, so daylight enters it only from the ceiling. Its Gabai welcomes visitors of all faiths and provides detailed explanations of the communitiy’s beliefs and practices, and the synagogue history. Moreover, its new visitor’s center features and exhibits on Karaite events such as a wedding, brit, and holiday celebrations.

A tour of the Karaite synagogue can be part of a day tour of Jerusalem.

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