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Monastery of the Cross

monastery of the cros tzaferis

Dr. Vassilis Tsaferis during a visit to the Monastery of the Cross, 2014

The Monastery of the Cross is located in the Western part of Jerusalem, close to the Israel Museum    and the Israeli Parlaiment building (the Knesset ).

By Christian belief, especially among the eastern churches, the monastery of the Cross is built over the spot from the tree, used for the cruficixion of Jesus, came from. The earliest remains in the monastery are a mosaic floor from the 5th century CE. Most of the monastery building is from the 12th century, and housed then hundreds of Georgian monks.  In Ottoman times the monastery was sold to the Greek-Orthodox church, which owns it to this day. Archaeologist Dr. Vassilios Tsaferis was the monk in charge of the monastery between 1958 to 1964. 

Presenting the Monastery of the Cross, 2010

Points of Interest in the Area

israel museum arcIsrael Museum
 Supreme Court Building 
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