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The Knesset (in Hebrew: [place of] gathering) is the main legislative body of the state of Israel. It is operated by 120 members, based no election conducted every 4 years, or less.

History of the Knesset

The political system of Israel was established by David Ben-Gurion and his associates. The first elections were conducted towards the end of the Independence war, in February 1949. The first building to house the Knesset was Frumin house on King George Street. In 1966 a new parliament building was built in Givat Ram Campus, funded by the Rothschild Family. To achieve a dignified look its unique cubic design combines elements of Greek temples architecture. Although over time extensions were added to building, its main hall is still in use as the main assembly of the government.

Visiting the Knesset

It is possible to visit the Knesset to watch its debates. The Knesset also offers guided tours, in several languages. Groups of 10 or more should coordinate the visit with the Knesset Visitor’s center. Entry is possible only in modest cloths and with a valid passport.

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