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Magdala, often referred to as the hometown of Mary Magdalene, nestles on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee. The town developed around fishing and fish trade and prospered until its utter destruction by the Romans in 67 AD. Because of its association with Mary Magdalene, the site has been excavated and developed by the Catholic church since the 1970s. Today its main key site are:

Magdala Synagogue – The Magdala Synagogue is a remarkable archaeological find made by chance in 2009. It dates back to the first century and is believed to be one of the synagogues where Jesus may have taught.

Magdala Stone – An enigmatic stone discovered in the main hall of Magdala Synagogue. It features intricate carvings of a menorah and other mysterious symbols whose meaning is unclear.

Duc in Altum Church – A church complex overlooking the Sea of Galilee devoted to Mary Magdlane and women of Christian faith. Its stunning design against the serene surroundings create an atmosphere conducive to spiritual contemplation.

Touring Magdala

Magdala’s archaeological park and spiritual center are open every day of the week and have an admission fee. A devout team of volunteers is happy to help visitors to site, providing explanations in Hebrew, English and Spanish.

Magdala is a destination that combines archaeology, religious heritage, and the natural beauty of the Sea of Galilee, making it a compelling pilgrimage site for travelers and especially Christians on a pilgrimage.

Its recommended to combine a visit to Magdala with a day tour to the Galilee.

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