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mamshit fresco

Set on the northeastern side of the Negev, the Nabateans founded Mamshit as a caravanserai along a northern path of the ‘Incense Route‘.  They used the stie mainly as a rest stop for convoys heading out of Petra, passing through Hazeva and the ‘Scorpion Ascent’, towards Beer-Sheva.

Later, the Romans turned mamshirt into a patrol station along the Roman security zone (the ‘Limes’). The town continued to prosper up to the 6th century when it was attacked, burnt and abandoned.

Israeli archaeologist A. Negev conducted excavations at the site in the 1980s. The main finds include two churches, manor houses, some with frescoes, a market street, a bath house, and three dams. Being part of the ‘Incense Route’, Mamshit is also listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Touring Mamshit

Mamshit is a national park. It is open every day of the week and has an entry fee. Next to the site is a camping ground and a camel farm offering camel tours.

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