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The Negev Brigade Memorial is a remarkable monument designed by renowned artist Dani Karavan in Beer-Sheva’s northern outskirts. The memorial commemorates the fallen soldiers of the Palmach Negev Brigade in different battles during the 1948 War of Independence.

About the Negev Brigade Monument

Erected in 1968 and spread over 1000 square feet, the monument comprises 18 concrete objects that symbolize the region’s landscape and its 1948 battle sites. A 70-foot-high perforated tower stands at the end of a water canal, alluding to Negev’s water supply. Near it is a wave-like element echoing a dune, ditches reminiscent of military bunker trenches, and a split dome listing inside the names of the fallen soldiers. Several reliefs with maps and text present the main battles in southern Israel during the 1948 war, the War of Independence.

Touring the Negev Brigade Monument

The monument is on a hill overlooking Beer-Sheva and the northern Negev desert. It is open year-round, free of charge. It is best to see it at sunset, absorbing the monument and its surroundings at twilight.

A tour to the Negev Brigade Memorial can be combined with a day tour to the South.

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