Located in the southern Judean Mountains, Susya holds a rich history dating back to Talmudic times. Today, the modern Jewish village of Susya maintains the restored ancient site, and offers guided tours, and themed activities.

History and Archaeology of Susya

The Jewish village of Susya thrived during the Byzantine period. Their synagogue stood high in the center, and its floor was a beautifully decorated mosaic. Its symbols combined geometric patterns, images of birds, traces of a Zodiac, and a large menorah. Fortification built around the synagogue attests to the security concerns at the end of the Byzantine period, and indeed, in the 7th century, the Muslims conquered the region. Among others, they converted the synagogue into a mosque by adding a ‘Kible’ towards Mecca. But by the 9th century they abandoned the site.

The Jewish modern village of Susya, established in the nearby area, maintains ties to this ancient heritage, serving as a reminder of the area’s rich historical and cultural significance.

Touring   Susya

Today, Susya is a popular destination for tourists and archaeologists interested in exploring its past. The site offers a guided tours, themed activities, and setting events like Wedding and Bar-mitzvah ceremonies.

A tour to Susya can be combined with a guided day tour to Tel Beer-ShevaBeer-Sheva, and Tel Arad.

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