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naseeba kubbehThe Druze are a fascinating ethnic group that evolved from Islam about 1000 years ago. Viewed as infidels by the Muslims, they were persecuted and so settled in remote mountainous regions in the levant. Today, about 140,00 Druze live in northern Israel, while most of them live in Lebanon and Syria. The Druze in Israel are very loyal to the country and all its man serve in the army.

The Druze are also known for their hospitality, and culinary repertoire, which, like the Arab kitchen, is based on local and seasonal ingredients.  Starters include a special extra thin pita bread, a wide variety of fresh salads, rice with lintels (Mujadra), bulgur patties stuffed with meat (Kubbeh), stuffed cabbage and grape leaves, and more. The main courses can be a big pot of rice vegetables and meat (Makluba), barbecued lamb, or extra fresh kebab. And make sure to leave space for some desserts! Baqlawa, Fatayer (stuffed pastry), and kenafeh are just some of the Druze sweet way to end a great meal, with some black coffee or herbal tea.

And while there are numerous Druze restaurants, some Druze offer an authentic meal experience in their own home. We especially recommend a lunch Druze experience in Naseeba’s home, in Buq’ata. The meal is joined by a welcoming chat about the Druze and her own special family story.

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