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jerusalem-park-of-olivesThe Park of Olives is a remarkable environmental sculpture garden set in 1986 in a big field south of Jerusalem. Its prominent landmark is three columns, each 33 feet high, with an olive tree at its top. Its artist, Ran Morin, developed a unique hydro-agricultural technology to sustain the trees in such conditions. Two hundred olive trees are set in specific patterns in the grove around the main monument, with a few footpaths between them. A stroll through the garden provides stunning views of the monument, Jerusalem mountains and the Judean Desert. In October, it is also possible to participate in the annual harvest of the olives in the park.

1948 Fortifications Near the Park of Olives

Several military trenches and a bunker are still visible at the southeast corner of the Park of Olives. These reinforcements were formed in 1948 Israeli-Arab War to prepare the kibbutz for an Arab attack from Bethlehem. In the fierce battles that followed, the ridge changed hands a few times but ended up in Israeli hands. Until 1967, these fortifications marked the border between Israel and Jordan.

Touring the Park of Olives

The park is located opposite the entrance to Kibbutz Ramat Rachel. In 2021, the park was fenced and can no longer be entered.

A view of the Park of Olives can be combined with a guided day tour of Jerusalem.

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