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Oz 77 movie

Oz77“Oz 77” movie, presented in Kibbutz El-Rom, reviews the heroic battle of the “oz 77” tank unit during the “Yom-kippur” was in October 1973. Narrated by the battalion commander, Avigdor Kahalani, the movie delivers the drama of the first 72 hours of the war, and the loss of life involved. A short ride from the Kibbutz is the actuall battle site (“Valley of Tears).

Book a Private Tour to “OZ 77”

“OZ 77” is a battle site from 1973 next to kibbut El-Rom, in the Golan Heights . The movie is presented in the Kibbutz itself. Contact me for more details and a tour proposal.

Points of Interest in the Area

oz77 tank display golan heights “Valley of Tears”
ATV tour against the Syrian Border
bental UN Mt. Bental
golan heights bental Golan Heights