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Pilate Stone

The “Pilate Stone” was disovered in Caesarea   in 1961, in secondary use as a step in the local  Theatre.  The Stone was originally placed at the entrance to a temple built in honor of Emperor Tiberius   by the local governer (“Perfect”) Pontius Pilate . The stone is the only epigraphic evidence to this day to mention the judge of Jesus.

The stone is on display at the Israel Museum  , next to the Caiaphas ossuary . and the sekelatal remains of the Crucified  Jehohanan n.

Pilate stone

The Pilate stone is a damaged block (82 cm x 65 cm) of carved limestone with a partially intact inscription attributed to, and mentioning, Pontius Pilate, a prefect of the Roman province of Judaea from AD 26 to 36. It was discovered at the archaeological site of Caesarea Maritima in 1961.

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