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Private Tour to Beit Guvrin

beit guvrinBeit Guvrin (Aramaic: “House of the masculine man”); is the Talmudic name for the Roman city of “Eleutheropolis” (Greek: “City of the free”).  

The site was populated intermittently from the Iron age to modern times.  Parts of it’s Roman and Crusaders era remains were uncovered, and including an impressive amphitheatre and a Tri-apsidal church, turned later into a mosque.

Book a Private Tour to Beit Guvrin

Beit Guvrin it located in the southern part of the Shefelah, near Maresha  and Tel Lachish  .

Contact me for a proposal of a full day tour of Shefelah, that will also include a visit to Beit Guvrin.

Private Tour to Beit-Guvrin Orientation Map

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