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Khirbet Hanot / Goliath’s Burial Place?

Khirbet Hanot is located on the side of the road that links Gaza and Beit Guvrin  with Jerusalem. During the Byzantine period a small chapel was built at the site bearing a nice mosaic floor with a long Greek Inscription. 

The chapel may have been related to the tomb mark of Goliath that was identified nearby in Byzantine times.

From the site a nice hike takes you along parts of a Roman era road, including well preserved remains of stairs carved in the rock (“Caesar’s Ascent”).


Book a Private Tour to Khirbet Hanot

Khirbet Hanot is in the heart of the Shefelah, On the side of the road from Beit Guvrin  to Jerusalem.

Contact me for a proposal of a full day tour of Shefelah, that will also include a visit to Khirbet Hanot.

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