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sepphoris acropolisSepphoris (“Tzippori” in Hebrew) is an archaeological site in the Wester lower Galilee, some 10 km NW of Nazareth  . In Early Roman times it was developed as a reagional center by Herod Antipas.

Tour to sepphorisThe city did not participate in the Big Jewish Rebellion, and later became an important Jewish Rabbincal center. It was the house of the Sanhedrin , and in Sepphoris  R Judah “the Prince”  codified the Mishnah 

sepphoris synagogueThe city continues to thrive in Byzantine times. Archaeological excavations uncovered a greed of street and about 50 mosaics floors from this period, including of Synagogues.

Jesus also knew of Sepphoris, and medieval tradition maintains that Sepphoris was the hometown of the parents of Mary, mother of Jesus.


In Late Antiquity, it was believed to be the birthplace of Mary, mother of Jesus, and the village where Saints Anna and Joachim are often said to have resided, where today a 5th-century basilica is excavated at the site honouring the birth of Mary.

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Book a Private Tour to Sepphoris

Sepphoris is in northern Israel, about 2 hours drive from Tel-Aviv. It takes about 2-4 hours to explore the site.

Since I only offer full day tours, I recommend to contact me for a proposal of a full day tour of Galilee, that will also include a visit to Sepphoris.