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In the early 2nd century CE two imperial legions were stationed in “Provincia Syria Palestina” – Legio X “Fretensis” in Jerusalem, and Legio VI “Ferrata”, somewhere near Tel Megiddo (known also as “Armageddon”). The exacat location of the camp of the sixth legion was confirmed only in surveys conducted east of Biblical Megiddo in 2013 and 2015, and only this year (2019)  a joint expedition began excavating at the site.


Dr. Matthew Adams, co-director of the dig at “Legio” Showing the Straffs the latest finds at the site, with a beer to chill off.. it was quite hot after all 🙂

Heading to Tel-Aviv after a day touring the north with a couple (the Straffs), I noticed the trucks of the expedition spread in the fields of the site, and decided to give it a shot and see what we can see before being asked to live for “security”  or insurance excuses. To my great pleasant surprise, Dr. Mattew Adams, a co-director of the expedition recognised me and invited me and my tourists to view the latest discoveries, and even offered usto join him for a beer :-).

The next thing you know we were reviewing the recently exposed remains of the gate into the heart of the camp, as well as a few resently exposed artifcats – including a fragment of a Latin Inscription! How Exciting!. Dr. Adams let me even hold, and take a photo of it, but as I promised him, I am not showing a clear image of the text until it is properly studied and published (don’t tell him, but I can’t read Latin any way :-).


Dr. Adams letting me hold a recently found fragment of a Latin Inscription found at the site (!)


A close up of the Latin Inscription, although not showing the text itself, as it has not been published yet.

So Next time you happen to be around Megiddo, keep your eyes open. You might be invited to see some more new discoveries of the Ancient Roman camp!

A tour of the site, as well as Megiddo, can be combined with a day tour of the Galilee.

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