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Israel Museum archaeology wing

The Archaeological wing of the Israel Museum is devoted to the rich tangible remains of the different cultures and faiths that have shaped the land of Israel, from prehistoric times, to the beginning of the Ottoman Period. Prime historical events, cultural achievements, local technological innovations, and artistic creativity are all demonstrated in the display of thousands of artifacts set in 12 galleries – the Dawn of Civilization, The Land of Canaan, Israel and the Bible, Early Hebrew Writing, Greeks, Romans and Jews, Under Roman Rule, Coins, The Holy Land, Muslim and Crusaders, Islamic Art, Glass and Neighboring Cultures. Combined with the exhibition of the Dead Sea Scrolls in the neighboring Shrine of the Book, the Israel Museum’s archaeological wing is possibly the best collection archaeological finds to illustrate the history of the Holy Land.

Israel Museum’s Archaeological Wing and Christianity

caiaphas-ossuaryAmong others, the Museum’s archaeological wing presents some of the most important archaeological finds that relate to the historical Jesus. The three most significant items, presented in the Roman period gallery are the Bone box of Caiaphas, the High Priest who questioned Jesus, the Latin inscription ever found to mention Pontius Pilate, the Roman governor who condemned Jesus to death, and the Crucified man from Jerusalem, the only archaeological evidence ever found of crucifixion in Roman times.

A tour of the Archaeological wing can combined with a day tour of the Israel Museum and other sites of Jerusalem.

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