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Bar-Mitzvah Ceremony at the Western Wall

Bar Mitzvah Western Wall

A Bar-Mitzvah is one of the most significan events in the life of a Jew, and having your Bar-Mitzvah at the Western wall   is truely a unique and a once-in-a-life experience.

I still remember strongly my own Bar-Mitsvah in the Kibbutz where I grew up, reading from the Torah and leading the prayers on Friday evening for the whole congregations.

Bar-Mitzvah in IsraelMy oldest sone had his Bar-Mitzvah at the Western Wall (top photo), and my young boy had his ceremony in a beautiful old synagogue facing the Old City Walls (right Photo).

The Western Wall is open 24/7 and open for all, but Reading from the Torah can only be done on Mondays and Thursdays in the morning, and it has to be pre-set. It is also done only on the Men side, and the women can view it only from the Women’s side.

If you wish to conduct the event in a less regulated area, the state of Israel turned a certain part of the Southern Wall Archaeological Park   into a public area for “liberal” or “Reform” style Bar-Mitzvah ceremonies (“Azrat Israel”).

No gender based seperation, and girls can also read from the Torah and wear a kippah. But it still has to be pre-set, and it is better to have a rabbi to lead the ceremony.

Bar Mitzvah Azrat Israel

Contact me to inquire about having a “Bar-Mitzvah tour” in Israel that could include a Bar-Mitzvah Ceremony at the Western  Wall, Azrat Israel, Masada, or anywhere else. The ceremony can be led by an Erthodox Rabbi, a Reform Rabbi, or a reform female Rabbi.

Some of the Bar-Mitzvah tous conducted by me:
Bar-Mitzvah Tour Israel



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