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Ben Gurion Tomb and Hut

ben gurion hut“Ben-Gurion’s Hut” was the desert home of Israel’s first Prime-minister, David Ben-Gurion ,  in Kibbutz Sde-Boker  in the Negev.  Ben-Gurion and his wife Paula joined the kibbutz in 1953 to set a personal sample of settling the Negev.

ben gurion hut kitchenBen-Gurion continued to live in the kibbutz also after his retirment in 1963, and till he passed away, in 1973. In his will he asked that his home be reserved and open to the public. 

ben gurion tombIn 1968, after his wife passed away, Ben-Gurion and his son chose a cliff 3 km south of the kibbutz to be her burial place, and Ben-Gurion was later buried next to her. 



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