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“Burma Road”

The “Burma Road” was a nickname given to a vital by-pass created during the 1948 war to insure providing water and supplies to the besieged Jewish populated areas in Jerusalem.

Driving along this road, with its signs and monuments, is one of the most meaningfull experiences relating to the creating of the State of Isael.

Presenting the “Burma Road” to the “Watchman”, 2018


Burma Road (Israel)

Burma Road ( Hebrew: דרך בורמה‎) ( Derekh Burma) in Israel was a makeshift bypass road between Kibbutz Hulda and Jerusalem, built under the supervision of General Mickey Marcus during the 1948 Siege of Jerusalem. It was named for the Chinese Burma Road.

Points of Interest in the Area

yad lashiryon Yad La-Shiryon
 emmaus monk Emmaus-Nicopolis
 beth shemesh reservoir Beth Shemesh

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The “Burma Road” is in the takes about 3 hours to explore.

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