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luzit Caves

Luzit Caves are a system of interconnected dome-shaped caves in the Shephelah, about 8 miles north of Maresha. The site has never been excavated yet it is estimated that the caves were in use between the Hellenistic to the early Muslim periods. The caves were used as quarries, dovecots (Columbariae), cisterns, storage and more. Some became hideouts during the Bar-Kokhba rebellion.

Touring Luzit Caves

Due to lack of proper maintenance there are signs around the site forbidding entry. Nevertheless, many people tour these caves and hike in the area. Some also rappel into the caves from their mouth hole. The site is open year-round, free of charge. It is accessed by a short trail from road 353, opposite Moshav Luzit. The site is especially beautiful in the spring blossom. It is an ideal spot for a leisure picnic.

A tour of Luzit Caves can be combined in a guided day tour in the Judean Foothills (the Shephelah).

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