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Even if you have toured ancient Caesarea before, you might want to consider returning to this fascinating site. Around the national park are a few hidden Gems worth exploring, and there are several extreme activities you might consider.

EZraider caesareaEZRaider – A 2-hour extreme tour experience of driving in special mini ATV apt for sand dunes. The tour explores the perimeter of the Caesarea’s national park, including the “Birds Mosaic”, the aqueduct, The Synagogue, and the Eastern Hippodrome.

Snorkeling / Scuba Diving – The submerged port of Caesarea can still be appreciated by snorkeling or scuba diving along the sunken harbor. Caesarea’s underwater archaeological park, the first of its kind in the world, is about 40 acres in size. It contains 25 points of interest, that includes ruins of the port, ancient anchors, and a sunken ship from the early 20th century.

Glassblowing Workshop – .Immerse yourself in the hands-on experience as skilled artisans guide you through the magical process of shaping molten glass into stunning masterpieces. Express your creativity and take home a unique, self handcrafted unique souvenir.

Powered parachute flightsThe ultimate extreme tour experience for Caesarea! The special aircraft takes off from the sites’ parking lot and flies low and slow above Caesarea’s antiquities and along the coastline. This experience guarantees an adrenalin rush and stunning views of one of the most beautiful views in Israel!

These activities could be combined in a tour of Caesarea and other sites in its vicinity.

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