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canaanite-tunnelThe Canaanite Tunnel is a name given to a tunnel running from the Gihon spring to the southern end of Biblical Jerusalem, ending at the  Pool of Siloam. Unlike its parallel Hezekiah’s tunnel, this tunnel has several outlets along its course, suggesting it irrigated agricultural plots in the Kidron Valley. Being at a higher elevation than Hezekiah’s tunnel, it is assumed that it preceded it.

Most scholars argue it is from Canaanite times, parallel to the Middle Bronze Age.

Visiting the Canaanite Tunnel

The tunnel was documented through its whole length, but only it first half is open today to the public. It is accessed from the Gihon Spring, and is part of the City of David National park. At its end is a path leading to Areas D and E, the alleged King David’s Tomb, and the Pool of Siloam.

For a full appreciation of the site it is recommended to have a guided day tour of Jerusalem that will include the City of David.

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