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Lutheran church of the RedeemerThe Redeemer Church (also known as The Lutheran Church of the Redeemer) is an impressive church complex in the heart of the Christian Quarter, next to the church of the  Holy Sepulchre.

History of the Redeemer Church

The site was a Church already in the time of the Crusaders, but most of it fell into ruins with the expulsion of the Crusaders from Jerusalem. In 1868, the king of Germany purchased the property and given to the German Lutheran church. In 1898, the church was completed and named The Redeemer. Its main hall was designed in a medieval Romanesque style. It also incorporated an original inner courtyard from the time of the Crusaders.

In 2012, an underground archaeological exhibition was opened under the church, presenting significant discoveries from Roman times.

Visiting the Lutheran Church of the Redeemer

The Redeemer Church is open daily and invites people to its church and underground archaeological exhibition. However, many will say that this church’s most exciting (and challenging) experience is climbing the Church’s bell tower. You can get some breathtaking bird s-eye panoramas of the old city and its environs from here.

A visit to the church can be integrated into a day tour of Jerusalem.

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