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holon-design-museumHolon, a suburban town south of Tel-Aviv is a rather surprising location for possibly the best designed museum in Israel. Yet, since the museum is devoted to design, an outstanding structure is expected after all. And indeed, this is an architectural masterpiece, designed by renowned artist, designer, and architect, Ron Arad. Five giant round bars of steel hover above the museum halls and its entrance. The interior is comprised of a set of halls that host changing exhibitions, most of which are devoted to modern design, both conceptual and industrial, and mostly local, but also international.

Visiting the Holon Design Museum

The Museum is open every day of the week except Sunday. It is recommended to check the museum’s website  for current exhibitions.

A tour of Holon Design Museum can be combined in a guided day tour to Jaffa and Tel-Aviv.

Contact us to inquire more about a private tour to Holon Design Museum:

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