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House of Simon the Tanner

simon the tanner house jaffaThe House of Simon the Tanner , “whose house is near the seacoast” (Acts 10:6) is a location in Jaffa where one of the most significant events in Christian history took place – the vision that led Peter to call to drop Kosher laws, and more significant – enable Gentiles to join the Early Christians and their communities.

A rare view of the rooftop of the “House of Simon the Tanner” in Jaffa from 2005. (c) Danny Herman

By Armenian tradition the location of the house is at a spot held by an Armenian family (Zakarian).

The Greek-Orthodox church claims it is in another location (Saint Michael Greek-Orthodox Church ), and by Catholic tradition it is on the hilltop of Jaffa (Saint Peter’s Catholic church ). There is no archaeological support to any of the claims.

My Friends, Sergio and Rhoda, presenting the House of Simon the Tanner in Jaffa

Simon the Tanner (New Testament)

Simon the Tanner, who appears in the Acts of the Apostles book of the New Testament , had a house in Jaffa, where Saint Peter stayed during his missionary activities of the early Christian faith. He is believed to be an example of the early Christians’ embracing people of all professions.

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The house of Simon the Tanner is in the heart of Jaffa . Contact me for a proposal of a full day tour of Jaffa and Tel-Aviv, that will also include a visit to the house of Simon the tanner in Jaffa.