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Touring Jerusalem’s Old City Market Bazaar (Suq)

Jerusalem’s old city is divided into four quarters. Each quarter has its own character and religious focus, yet in all quarters the main streets are busy markets (Suq). Some of the shops cater the local population, while many others are souvenir shops, designed for tourists.

Where is the best place to buy what?

suq jerusalem old city market

The shops in the Muslim quarter cater mostly the local Arab population, which is a colorful combination of cheap Chinese textil import, local spices, and falafel stands.

Shops in the Christian Quarter are mix of goods for the locals, as well as specialized souvenir shops. The more special ones are the Aramaic pottery shop of Eli Kouz, his nephew’s olive wood artwork store (George Kouz Store), Zack’s shop of antiquities , Photo Elia and Bilal Fabric Store.

The Jewish quarter has its own special artwork shops, such as Hadaya, Moriah Jewelry, Joseph’s Talith Workshop, and various souvenir shops along the Cardo.

These shopping experiences can be a great break during a Day tour of Jerusalem.

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