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Kinneret Farm

kinneret farm

“Kinneret Farm” is perhaps the most important agricultural farm of the Zionist movement.

Founded in 1908, the first “Kibbutzwikipedia s and “Moshavwikipedia s farms were developed in kinneret farm, as well as “Hamashbir Lazarchanwikipedia s and “Tnuvawikipedia s cooporatives, “Solel Bonehwikipedia s building company, “Hapoalimwikipedia s bank, “Kupat holimwikipedia s medical care, and “Haganahwikipedia s pre-military organization. 

Kinneret farm was also the site where the famous poet “Rachelwikipedia s (Rachel Bluwestein) lived, and buried in nearby Kinneret Cemetery .


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Points of Interest in the Area

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