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Set at the foot of the Gilboa, Gan Hashlosha (Also known as ‘Sachne’) is a beautiful recreational park around a set of big natural pools. The pools’ source is a perennial spring whose water are at a pleasant temperature of 82 Fahrenheit, year-round.

In antiquity the Sachne’s water was channeled to operate the big Bath Houses of Nysa-Scythopolis (Beit-She’an) about 4 miles away.

gan hashlosha sachne Green lawns and big lush trees make Gan Hashlosha quite popular, and especially on weekends and holidays. The water flowing through the ‘Sachne’ continues through Kibbutz Nir-David, and on along Nahal Hakkibutzim, where it is also possible for the public to swim.

Near the ‘Sachne’s’ main entrance is a children-friendly Kangaroo park (‘Gan Garoo’) and a ‘Tower and Stockade’ (‘Homa Vemigdal’) model, illustrating the 1930’s Zionist settlement pattern in this region.

Visiting Gan Hashlosha 

Gan Hashlosha / Sachne is open every day of the week, and charges admission fee. It is recommended to allocate at least half a day to appreciate the park properly, an include both a swim and a barbecue in the park.

Nearby, in Kibbutz Nir-David is a humble sized archaeological museum, displaying the former private antiquities collection of Dan Lifshitz. the exhibition includes artifacts from Israel, Egypt, Persia, and of the Etruscans.

A visit to Gan Hashlosha can be combined with a day tour in the north.

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