sachne pools

Set at the foot of the Gilboa, Gan Hashlosha (Also known as ‘Sachne’) is a beautiful recreational park around a set of big natural pools. The pools’ source is a perennial spring whose water are at a pleasant temperature of 82 Fahrenheit, year-round. In antiquity the Sachne’s water was channeled to operate the big Bath Houses of Nysa-Scythopolis (Beit-She’an) about 4 miles away. Green lawns and big lush trees make Gan Hashlosha quite popular, and especially on weekends and holidays. The water flowing through the ‘Sachne’ continues through Kibbutz Nir-David, and on along Nahal Hakkibutzim, where it is also possible for the public to swim. Near the ‘Sachne’s’ main entrance is a children-friendly Kangaroo park (‘Gan Garoo’) and a ‘Tower and Stockade’ (‘Homa Vemigdal’) model, illustrating the 1930’s Zionist settlement pattern in this region.

Touring the Sachneh / Gan Hashlosha 

Gan Hashlosha / Sachne is open every day of the week, and charges admission fee. It is recommended to allocate at least half a day to appreciate the park properly, an include both a swim and a barbecue in the park. Nearby, in Kibbutz Nir-David is a humble sized archaeological museum, displaying the former private antiquities collection of Dan Lifshitz. the exhibition includes artifacts from Israel, Egypt, Persia, and of the Etruscans.

A tour to Gan Hashlosha can be combined with a day tour in the north.

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