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Nazareth Village

nazareth village“Nazareth Village” is an open air museum that reconstructs and reenacts village life in the lower Galilee in the time of Jesus. It features terraces, agricultural  devices, houses, tombs, a synagogue, and actors, all designed to resemble life in the Galilee in the first century.

My Friends, Sergio and Rhoda, Presenting “Nazareth Village”

Nazareth Village

Nazareth Village is an open-air museum in Nazareth, Israel, that reconstructs and reenacts village life in the Galilee in the time of Jesus. The village features houses, terraced fields, wine and olive presses all built to resemble those that would have been in a Galilee village in the 1st century.

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Points of Interest in the Area

nazareth church of annunciation Church of Annunciation
 saint joseph church nazareth S. Joseph Church
 synagogue church nazareth tour Synagogue church
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Book a Private Tour to “Nazareth Village”

“Nazareth Village”” is in the heart of Modern Nazareth   and takes about 2 hours to explore.

 Contact me for a proposal of a full day tour of the Galilee, that will also include joining a tour of “Nazareth Village”.