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Ramat Rachel Archaeological Site

ramat rachel archcaeological siteRamat Rachel is a mysterious site on a hill top 3 km south of Jerusalem. It was first dug Yochanan Aharomi in the 1950’s, and again by G. Barkai and O.  Liphshitz.

Lacking any inscriptions, the site’s identity, nor its function is unclear, but it was inhabited in the Iron age, and again in Byzantine times.

Ramat rachel archaeological park

Aharoni suggested the Iron age palace was built by Kign Yehoyakima, and the site is “Beit Hakerem” mentioned in Jeremiah 6:1. His famous academic rival, Y. Yadin, suggested an earlier date, and identified the site with “House of Baal”(2 Kings 11:18).

Barkai suggested the site is ancient MMST a place known only from ancient inscribed jar handles, and Liphshitz is of the opinion the site is a Assyrian-Babylonian-Persian administration center.

In my opinion maybe the site may have been the place to where King Uziah retired when becoming a leper. 

In the Byzantine period a monastery was built at the site, and it may have been related to nearby “Kathisma church ” site. 


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