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Nestled within a mountainous ridge to the north of the Red Sea, the fabled city of Petra stands as Jordan’s most spectacular archaeological site and top tour destination. Founded by the Nabateans, this city flourished in the Roman and Byzantine period, and today its splendid remains attract millions of visitors from all over the world.

A Brief Chronology of Petra

Around two millennia ago the Nabatean nomadic tribe discovered the lucrative potential of incense and spices trade. They successfully navigated through the vast Saudi Arabian Peninsula with caravans of camels loaded with exotic goods and amassing considerable wealth. Their opulence found expression in the showy tomb facades meticulously carved in the colored sandstone around their capital, Petra.  Unfortunately, their period of fortune waned in the 1st century CE when the Romans gained control over the trade routes, and annexed Petra and the Nabateans. Petra continued to flourish under Roman and Byzantine rule but was eventually abandoned and later even its location forgotten. Rediscovered in 1812, Petra has since attracted countless adventurers, scholars, and travelers.

Touring Petra

The main entry to Petra begins with a breathtaking walk through a natural gorge known as the Siq, leading to the iconic tomb façade, “The Treasury” (Al-Khazne). Beyond it, further grand carved tomb facades guide visitors into the heart of Petra. The restored triumphal arch, the cobblestone main street and its partially excavated main temples offer glimpses into Petra’s rich history. For those further extension of their adventure a hike to the monastery monument (Ad-Deir) or the High place of Sacrifice is recommended. Surrounding Petra are notable sites like the Tomb of Aaron and Moses’ Spring (Ayn Musa), connecting Petra to the Narratives of the Holy Scriptures.

Setting a tour of Petra from Israel

Exploring Petra requires a full day at a minimum. We recommend setting a day tour of Petra from Eilat. Alternatively, you can consider a 2-day tour from Tel-Aviv, incorporating an overnight stay in Eilat, Wadi Rum, or Petra itself. Keep in mind that touring Jordan requires advance arrangements for a visa.

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