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salman-bedouin-hospitalityWhen touring through the Negev Desert, at many locations you will notice Bedouin encampments on the side of the roads. These pastoral desert dwellers are a mix of an autochthonic group and nomadic tribes who spread from the Arabian Peninsula. Some of their members offer an authentic hospitality experience for tourists, and even big tour groups. Inviting you to their guests’ tent, they will chat with you about Bedouin culture and lifestyle while having some Bedouin tea (chai). The desert tea, which is based solely on desert herbs, is accompanied by a fresh loaf of round bread, made directly over the fire’s ashes. Upon pre-request, the experience can also include lunch based on Makluba, a dish of cooked rice chicken and vegetables. The meal should be eaten with your hands scooping from the main dish, although forks and personal plates are also available.

Salman Bedouin Hospitality Experience in Ramon Crater

One of the more popular Bedouin hosts, near the Ramon Crater is Salman. His humble desert dwelling is home of Salman, his wife, Chalima, and their 8 children. Salman proudly presents and discusses the Bedouin lifestyle, culture, and current challenges. The hospitality is accompanied by strong sweet desert tea, and locally made bread (‘Libbe’).

A Bedouin Hospitality Experience in Ramon Crater are can be combined with a two days tour in the Ramon Crater.

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