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Jewish Sages Tombs in the Galilee Tour

Tour to Jewish Sages Tombs in the North

Nothern Israel is known for its rural and pastoral beauty, as well as its special history. After the destruction of the Jewish Temple, Judaism concentrated in the north. In the Galilee the Mishna was codified, and later, in Tiberias, the Talmud was completed. In the 16th century Safed became known as a center of Rabbinical activity, and that is where the “Shulchan Aruch” were formed. Today the Galilee has many tomb marks of Jewish sages who lived and operated in the Galilee in antiquity. Some are very popular pilgrimage destinations of religious Jews. This special tour will reach some of the most famous landmarks of Jewish Sages in the north and combine it with a visit to Tiberias and Safed.

Rashbi Tomb in Meiron

Departing from Jerusalem (or Tel-Aviv) we have a two hours’ drive to cross the coast and reach the Galilee. On the way we will pass by Beth-Shearim, the burial site of Rabbi Judah “The Prince”, and Sepphoris, where the Mishna was codified. At the Tomb of the Rashbi you will have an opportunity to pray at the site and contemplate on the special figure who opposed the Romans and so lived in a cave so he could continue to study and teach his son Torah.


 Ari Kadosh Tomb in Safed

On the hill opposite Meiron the old city of Safed is well visible. Here, in the 16th century, Rabbi Yoseph Karo compiled his famous work “Shulchan Aruch”. Around his time “Ha-Ari Hakadosh”, living also in Safed, lay the foundations of Kabbalah. We will drive into the old city and visit the tomb of “Ha-Ari Hakadosh”, and possibly dip in the nearby natural spring forming a miqveh.


Jewish Sages Tombs in Tiberias

tomb of maimonidesUpon reaching Tiberias we will have a nice lunch experience at the fish and meat restaurant over the lake “Decks”. Next, we will visit the tombstone of Maiomindes, the greatest Jewish Rabbi, Physician, and Philosopher. Next to his tomb mark, we will also pay tribute to the tomb mark of Rabbi Yochanan Ben Zakkai, and the “Shala Hakadosh”. Driving to the hill above we will pray at the tomb mark of Rabbi Akiva, and could possibly visit the local mark for the tomb of the Matriachs. In the Southern end of Tiberias we will visit the tomb of Rachel, the wife of Rabbi Akiva, as well as the popular tomb mark of Rabbi Meir “Baal Hanes” (=the miracle maker). Nearby we could also visit the Talmudic period synagogue found in Hamath-Tiberias, and the possible remains of the Sanhedrin building, before heading back to Jerusalem.

What’s included

  • Guiding done by a licensed and expert private guide
  • Transportation in luxury level van or SUV
  • Pick-up and drop-off at any address
  • Free Wi-Fi and chilled bottled mineral water

What’s excluded

  • Site entrance fees
  • Meals and snacks
  • Gratuities

What to bring

  • Hat and sunscreen
  • Modest clothing when visiting holy sites (no shorts or bare shoulders)
  • Some cash

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    Did you Know?

    Next to the tomb of Rabbi Meir “Baal Hanes” an ancient synagogue was uncovered in the 1960s, Used, for several centuries, the synagogue was renovated several times before it went out of use. In the 5th century its floor was decorated with a mosaic depicting Jewish symbols combined with the Zodiac and even the Pagan sun god, Helios.

    If you are looking for a private guide through Israel, it starts and ends with Danny. He made our sons Bar Mitzvah journey the most memorable event of his life. Danny’s depth of knowledge is unmatched. His carefree attitude and flexibility made the experience that much better and he kept the kids entertained and engaged throughout the entire journey. Can’t wait to share this experience with everyone we know looking for the same memories we made. Thank you Danny!

    Bengy T,. USA

    Let me say to you and you may use this as a sincere testimonial: You Danny the Digger are an outstanding guide, educator, archeologist and political pundit providing exciting and most intelligent information to the visitor on events of the past, their impact on the Jewish world and our concerns with the future. I have been to Israel 100+ times but notwithstanding, one always learns particularly from people like you.

    Tom H., CJA Chairman, Canada

    I recommend his services wholeheartedly for the synagogue group I will be leading this coming October/November. While his certification is currently specific to archaeology, my experience is that he will be fully able to handle the range of explanations that our group will need, in order to have a meaningful tour.

    Rabbi Michael P., USA

    We have really enjoyed our time with you.. I learned so much from your explanations… I really think I will remember this trip forever. Todah Rabbah!

    Dorit Sh., USA

    I wanted to thank you for making our first trip to Israel such a spectacular one… You were the perfect guide... You really made the Bible come to life…

    Jennifer and Stuart Z., USA

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