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Atlit Crusaders Fortress

atlit crusaders castleKnown also by its French Medieval name “Chastel Pelerin” or “Chateau Pelering” Atlit Fortress  was built in 1218 by the Templar knights with the participations of pilgrims (hence its French name) to improve the Crusaders control of the coast of the Holy Land. 

atlit crusaders cemetery

The fortress stood effectively against Muslim attacks, and was the last Crusaders stronghold in the Holy Land land to be taken by the Muslims, cleared in 1291.

It is located  located about 13 km south of Haifa , but Unfortunately today the site is under military control and is off limits for civilians.

It can only be viewed from the distacne, although its ancient cemetery is still accesible. One of its tomb stones bears a relief of a big cross.


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