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Tour Around the Sea of Galilee

sussita view of the sea of galileeThe Sea of Galilee (Hebrew – “Kinneret”) is the biggest freshwater lake in Israel, as well as the lowest freshwater lake on earth (its average height 700 Feet BELOW Sea level). It is located between the Galilee and the Golan Heights, and its main water source is the Jordan River.

capernaum church of the apostlesAround the Sea of Galilee are several points of Interest, and especially to the Christian world, such as: CapernaumMount of BeatitudesBethsaidaChurch of the Multiplication of Loaves and FishChurch of the Primacy of PeterChorazin“Domus Galilaeae” , Site of the miracle of the Swine (Kursi), Magdala, Sussita, Sea of Galilee Boat. and the Baptism site – Yardenit


“The Sea of Galilee is the source of beauty, water and life for all of the Galilee. For many it is also the background of the greatest story ever told. For me, it is home.” Team Member, Edan Geva

ATV Jordan riverOther points of interest around the Sea of Galilee include TiberiasHamat Tiberias , Kinneret CemeteryKinneret FarmMajrasaNebi Shu’ayb, and DeganiaOne can also reserve activities like a Sail on the Sea of Galilee , ATV by the Sea of Galilee, Powered Parachute flight above the Sea of Galilee, Chocolate workshop (Galita), Swim at the Sea of Galilee, the Hidden Waterfall , or Majrasa.

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