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Israeli contemporary artist David Gerstein is the possibly the most famous living Israeli artist. His works include paintings on canvas, but he is most famous for his multilayered wall sculptures and designed objects of metal. Cows, flowers, birds, and athletes are just some of his subjects, which are all treated with humor, playfulness and optimism. His studio, near Beth Shemesh, is a four-story building in a grey industrial area.  But once inside, you are surrounded with 3d his colorful and whimsical images. His works range from US$100 to $1.5M and can be found in fine art galleries all around the world. But only in Gerstein’s studio you can see the biggest collection of his works, the process of the creation, and get a chance to meet the master artist in person.

A visit to Gerstein’s studio can be combined in a guided day tour in the Judean Foothills (the Shephelah).

Contact us to inquire more about a private tour to David Gerstein Studio:

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