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deganya tractorDegania was the first Zionist Communal farm formed in the land in Israel, established by 10 men and 2 women over an abanodoned Arab village southe of the Sea of Galilee.

Its revolutionary commuist like life style became a model for over 300 more “Kibbutsim” that would be formed in Israel in the following decades.

Degania tank

In 1948 the Kibbutz was attacked by Syrian army and destroyed, but rebuilt shortly after. To this day one can see a Syrian tank that was stopped at the gates of the kibbutz.

In 2007 Degania underwent a “Privatization” process, as most Kibbutsim did, proving communism doesn’t work, also on micro level..


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Points of Interest in the Area

  Kinneret Cemetery
  Kinneret Farm