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Kibbutz Ein-Gev

Kibbutz Ein Gev is located on the eastern sea shore of the sea of Galilee and under the Golan heights.

The Kibbutz is famous for being the only Isreali village east of the river Jordan to survive israeli war of independence of 1948. Nowdays the Kibbutz is prosperous and also a popular tourist attraction.

A Short of History of Ein Gev

The founders of Kibbutz Ein Gev were a pioneer group of Jews from Germany and Austria. Seeking a new life in a barren wasteland, the first years were harsh. Fishing at the Sea of Galilee was done in Biblical techniques, and farming was on very basic level. With much sweat and toil the Kibbutz became an island of greeney and advanced farming. The Kibbutz also developed good relationships with its Arab neighbours. Ein gev offered medical service, engineering and agriculture training to all residents of the region.

Ein Gev in the War of Independence

ein gev amir buchnik

Tour Boats docking at Kibbutz Ein-Gev. (C) Amir Buchnik

Unfortunately, in 1948, the peaceful community, of about hundred and twenty farmers, came under direct frontal assault of the Syrian military. The village was attacked by airplanes and infantry. The mothers and children were evacuated by boat to Tiberias, yet the rest of the members stood to their ground. After the failure of three repeated charges, the Syrian army changed its tactic and took control of Mount Hippos. Its aim was to destroy Ein Gev by a long distance bombardment. In return, the commander of Ein Gev, 25 years old Meir Kothenski,  devised a daring raid to conquer the mountain. Hippos would stay under Israeli control ever since.

Ein Gev Today

Today the kibbutz is prosperous thanks to fish and tourists. It owns a successful seaside resort, popular both by Israelis and  international visitors. It also runs a sailing company and a popular fish restaurant at the promenade of the kibbutz.

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