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Located 12 miles south of Haifa, the Ein Hod Artists’ colony nestles in the forested mountains of the Western Carmel. It is a unique village whose residents are all artisans and leading figures in the Israeli culture. Many artists present their works in small galleries in their homes, and some offer craftsmanship workshops.

History of Ein Hod

Ein Hod was an Arab village until 1948, but during the Israeli-Arab war, its inhabitants left. In 1953, the Romanian Israeli artist Marcel Janco initiated the resettling of the town by artisans and craftspeople. Today, most of the village’s residents are painters, sculptors, performers, musicians, writers, and poets. At the center of the town is a lovely café, an art gallery presenting most of the colony’s community artworks, and a museum devoted to Marcel Janco and the Dadaism art movement.

Touring Ein Hod

The colony is open year-round, all days of the week. It can get crowded during the summer months, especially on the weekends. Exploring the village through its winding streets amidst the Carmel forest is an exciting cultural experience for all ages.

A tour of Ein Hod Artists’ Colony site can be combined with a Day tour to Caesarea and Haifa.

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