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Jaffa night tour ramses arch

Old Jaffa is one of the oldest cities in the world, inhabited since Canaanite times. The city is lit at night, providing a unique atmosphere for hearing its tales while strolling through its cobblestone streets.

Jaffa Night Tour Schedule

The tour will embark in front of Ramses II’s reconstructed arch and head through the old city’s alleys, learning about the city’s significant role in the history of the Holy Land. We will pass by where Napoleon Bonaparte broke into Jaffa in 1799, and at the port, we will learn about figures like Solomon, Jonah, and Herzl. So many have passed through here, each leaving his mark on the history of the Holy Land. Viewing Andromeda’s Rock, we will learn about Jaffa’s role in Greek Mythology, and at the Clock tower next to Jaffa’s main mosque, we will get to understand Jaffa’s role in Ottoman times. Finally, we will enter Flea Market, which turns into a hub of hip eateries at night. Alternatively, we could drive into Tel Aviv for a fine dining experience and bar hopping.

A night tour of Old Jaffa presents it in a different dimension, avoiding the crowds and the souvenir shops. It is an intimate and tranquil experience, a great alternative to the typical day tours of Jaffa and Tel Aviv.

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