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Tour to Jaffa and Tel-Aviv

tel aviv portA private tour to Jaffa and Tel-Aviv is an ideal combination of two major sites relating to the ancient and modern history of Israel. The cosmopolitical city of  Tel-Aviv is the most vibrant city in Israel, with a 24-hour pulse. Compared to it, Jaffa is a humble sized port city, yet  with a long and rich history.

Exploring Jaffa

We start the tour with a stroll in the picturesque alleys of Jaffa, appreciating the historical presentation at the Ramesses II’s Gate Garden and the artistic display of the “floating orange tree.” The Old City of Jaffa is also characterized by a growing number of arts and crafts galleries, of which we especially recommend Ben-Zion Ymenite Jewelry Workshop, Ilana Goor’s home, Uri Geler’s new museum, Maskit Fashion Studio and Adina Plastelina.

Jaffa Floating Orange Tree As we descend towards the port itself, we pass by the site called the “vision of Peter” at the House of Simon the Tanner. Here, by Christian tradition, Peter was instructed to abandon Jewish Kosher food laws (Acts ch. 10). This event is one of the most pivotal moments in Christian history. Nearby, if open, we could also visit Saint Michael Greek-Orthodox Church, where a new and remarkable wall map of the Holy Land has been installed.  The port of Jaffa is a great place for some fish and chips, or coffee break, where we can discuss the role of this port in the history of the Holy Land.

flea market jaffa Returning to the main plaza of Jaffa, we could visit the Franciscan St. Peter’s Church, and join a tour of the renewed local visitors center (“Kikar Kedumim”). A short walk will take us to the nearby Flea Market  where we could have a lunch break, and some souvenir shopping.

Finally, we return to the car and drive through Neve Tzedek, the first Jewish colony outside of Jaffa. This humble sized, old neighborhood is now a trendy zone with chic stores.

Touring Tel-Aviv

Reaching the historical heart of Tel-Aviv, the focus transitions to points of interest along Rothschild Boulevard: such as Taglit Innovation Center , Shalom Meir Tower Visitors Center, architectural examples of the Bauhaus  style, including the Independence hall, where the state of Israel was declared (!).

Independence Hall

Originally the home of the first mayor of Tel-Aviv, and later the first art museum of the Tel-Aviv, the Bauhaus style building on 16 Rothschild Boulevard was the very place where the state of Israel was declared. Decades later, its interior was replicated and the whole building became a museum devoted to this subject. A tour of the site can be one of the most unforgettable experiences while touring Israel.

Independence hall Lunch can be combined with a leisure walk along one of Tel-Aviv’s markets –  the Carmel Marketthe Nahalat Binyamin Art and Crafts Fair, the chic Sheinkin Street, or Sarona market.

Alternatively, we can continue focusing on history and so join a tour of Palmach Museum, visiting Rabin Center, the Rabin Assassination site, or Tel-Aviv port.

Rabin Assassination site

November 4th 1995 is etched as one of the most significant turning points in Israel’s history. On that night, a big political rally in Tel-Aviv ended with the assassination of the Prime-Minister, Yitzhak Rabin. The assassin, an ultranationalist religious Jew, stated to murder Rabin for political reasons. His act proved how Israel is divided on the principle issue of acknowledging a Palestinian state, in hope to end the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Keep Exploring

Near Tel-Aviv, we can also visit the Holon Design Museum, the Samaritan Holon Community, or the 1948 Secret Bullet Factory (“Machon Ayalon”).

A more “extreme” option to end the day could be strapping yourselves into a high-end jet fighter flight simulator –  “The Squadron,”. led by IAF pilots. 

Advantages of our Private Tour of Tel-Aviv and Jaffa

  • An engaging, interesting and dynamic tour experience by one of our selected team of tour guides.
  • The schedule and itinerary are completely flexible to match your specific wishes, interests, desired pace, and time constraints.
  • Price per person is cheaper than joining a group tour if you are four or more.
  • Includes pick up and drop off at any desired location in Tel-Aviv and / or at Ben-Gurion Airport.


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Keep Discovering Outside Tel-Aviv

Here are a few ideas for additional attractions and points of interest around Tel-Aviv

segway jaffa tour Book a Segways Tour of Jaffa, with an optional extension to Neve Tzedek and Sarona.

american colony jaffaVisit additional historical sites near Jaffa:  “Hatachana” – Jaffa Railway Station, Trumpeldor Cemetery”, the “ American Colony” and  Saint Peter and Saint Tabitha Russian Orthodox Church.

tel aviv musuem of art entry Explore more historical and cultural centers in Tel-Aviv:  Diaspora museum (“Beth Hatefutsoth”), The Rubin Museum, the Bauhaus Desgin Museum, the Eretz-Israel Museum, (including Tel Qasile ), and the Tel-Aviv Museum of Art.

burma road Go for the “Dialogue in the dark” unique experience at the blind Museum in Holon. Continue to the Weizmann Institute Visitors Center and ride along the 1948 “Burma Road”.

mazorLearn about Biblical battles at Aphek-Antipatris and Izbet Sarta. Continue to Migdal Afek / Mirabel and Mazor Mausoleum.

emmaus tour Drive to the area of Modi’in, and search for ancient Modi’in and the Maccabean Graves. Continue to Emmaus-Nicopolisthe possible place of the appearance of Jesus after his resurrection.

Additional Single-Day tours