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Jaffa and Tel-Aviv

tel aviv portThis tour is “a tale of two tells” – one in its name, and in its remains..    

We start the day with a stroll in the alleys of old Jaffa , a continuously inhabited site since Canaanite times.

Jaffa Floating Orange TreeWe first appreciate “floating orange tree” sculpture, and then make our way between sandstone built houses, and several art and crafts galleries (Ilana Goor , MaskitBen-Zion Ymenite Jewelry Workshop , Adina Plastelina , and more).

Simon the Tanner House JaffaDescending towards the port, we pass by the traditional site of the “vision of Peter” at the House of Simon the Tanner  (Acts 10), and its nearby Saint Michael Greek-Orthodox Church At the port we can discuss the history of the port, and contemplate over the mythological story while viewing the “Rock of Andromeda“.

Guided tour Tel-Aviv

Returning to the main plaza of Jaffa, we could visit the Franciscan St. Peter’s Church , and the renewed local visitors center (Kikar Kedumim  ). A short walk will take us to the nearby Flea Market  where we can also have a lunch break, and possibly do some souvenir shopping.

tel aviv tour rothschild boulevardAfter lunch we can proceed through Neve Tzedek , the first Jewish colony outside of Jaffa, and reach the heart of Tel-Aviv  at Rothschild Boulevard Besides appreciating local architecture (especially samples of the famous Bauhaus   style), we visit  “Independence hall”  , where the state of Israel was declared (!).

Independence hallWe can end the day with a stroll at the Carmel Market Nahalat Binyamin Art and Crafts Fair  , Tel-Aviv port , or Sheinkin Street , visit Rabin Assasination site , experience an extreme F16 Flight simulator (“The Squadron” ), or simply go for a swim in the mediterranean!.


recommended hotels tel-avivRecommended Hotels in Tel-Aviv


recommended restaurants Tel-AvivRecommended Restaurants in Tel-Aviv


best wineries Tel-Aviv areaRecommended Wineries in the Center


breweries Tel-Aviv areaRecommended Brewries in the Center


Additional Attractions in Tel-Aviv:

jaffa segway tour

Join a fun and exciting way to discover Jaffa – in a Segways Tour. A two hours tour ($65 per person) and explore the port of Jaffa, the beach promenade, and up to Neve Tzedek  and Sarona .

American colony tel-Aviv

Learn about the American Christian attempt to colonize Palestine in 1866 at the Tour the intersting historical area of the American Colony . East of Tel-Aviv, visit also the Saint Peter and Saint Tabitha Russian Orthodox Church .

Shalom Meir tower

Learn about the early history of Tel-Aviv at Shalom Meir Tower Visitors Center    ;  “Independence hall”  , along Rothschild Boulevard . Nearby visit also “Trumpeldor Cemetery” .

Carmel Market

Experience the contrasing faces of Tel-Aviv’s markets by strolling along the Carmel Market Sheinkin street , and Nahalat Binyamin Crafts market , as well as historical Sarona  and “Hatachana” – Jaffa Railway Station .

Palmach Museum

Book a guided tour of the Palmach Museum , the institution devoted to the strike-force of the pre-state Jewish underground.

tel aviv museum of art

Feel very cultural by visiting the Jewish Diaspora museum (“Beth Hatefutsoth”) , The Rubin Museum  , the Bauhaus Desgin Museum , the Eretz-Israel Museum , (including Tel Qasile ), and the  Tel-Aviv Museum of Art .

Rabin Center

Visit the tragic Rabin Assasination site , and the Rabin Center . Both places mark a remrakable person and his biogrpahy interwined with the history of the state of Israel.


Possible Activities Near Tel-Aviv:

holon design museum

Experience an unforgatable experience of“dialogue in the dark” in the blind Museum in holon, and nearby visit the Samaritan Holon Community , as well as the new Holon Design Museum  .

beit ovad dog guide training center for the blindDrive to visit Rechovot to visit the Weizmann Institute Visitors Center , the nearby High-tech zone, and the nearby Israel Guide Dog Training Center for Blind .

burma road

Drive along the 1948 historical “Burma Road”   , and visit the contemporaneous Secret Bullet Factory (“Machon Ayalon”) .


Learn about Biblical battles at Aphek-Antipatris  and Izbet Sarta . Continue to Migdal Afek / Mirabel  and Mazor Mausoleum .


paragliding Tel-Aviv

Drive to Netanyah to do Paragliding  or Bakai Flights , and near Caesarea   walk in the ancient water tunnel of Mei Kedem .

lachish tourDrive to the Shephela and explore sites related to the Battle of David and Goliath  (such as Khirbet Qeiyafa ); tour Biblical Lachish  , and learn about the Philistines at The “Philistine Street” .

bar kokhba caves

Explore in the Shephela underground city of Maresha , and crawl in Bar Kokhba caves , mute evidence of the last Jewish attempt for independance in the land of Israel in Antiquity. See nearby Roman ampitheatre at Beit Guvrin .

Maccabbean graves

Drive to the area of Modi’in, and search for ancient Modi’in and the Maccabean Graves . Continue to Emmaus-Nicopolis , possible place of the appearence of Jesus after his resurrection.

Scroll of Fire monument

Drive to the Jerusalem mountains and see the Holocaust memorial “Scroll of Fire” Monument  in the  “Forest of the Martyrs“; visit the winery “Domaine de Castel“; and a Horse Ride  in Ramat Raziel horse ranch.

Drive south to see the antiquities of Ashkelon , and view into Gaza Strip from Sderot . Nearby visit the 1948 Yad Mordechai  battle site.

Caesarea Aquaduct

Drive north to visit the antiquities of Caesarea  , the Carmel, and the Bahaian Terraced Gardens  in Haifa .