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rothschild boulevard

Establishing Tel Aviv in 1909, its founders designed Rothschild Boulevard as its main avenue. Today, Rothschild Boulevard is a major financial, commercial, recreational, and culinary center.

Rothschild and Rothschild Boulevard

In 1909, about 60 Jewish families purchased a sandy plot northeast of Neve Tsedek, wishing to establish another Jewish colony outside over-crowded Jaffa. They defined Rothschild Boulevard as the main east-west axis of the new colony, and named it in honor of Jewish philanthropist Edmond James de Rothschild. Tel Aviv developed quickly, and within two decades, its original single-story houses were replaced with eclectic and International-style / Bauhaus-style buildings.

Being such a central street in Tel-Aviv, from the 1960s, high-rise buildings were added along the boulevard. However, strict rules of preservation were made to protect the historical buildings. Today, entrepreneurs continue to the develop the boulevard, while restoring its historical architectural masterpieces.

Touring Rothschild Boulevard

Shaded walkways, bike lanes and sculptures make up the central part of the boulevard, and a variety of coffee places and restaurants offer fantastic culinary experiences. The boulevard is one mile long, framed by Neve Tzedek neighborhood in the south, and Habima theater in its northern end.  The boulevard is also an open museum of architecture, especially of the local trends from the first half of the 20th century. Many buildings reflect the Eclectic or Neo-Oriental style popular in the 1920s, and then swept away by the Bauhaus or International style, introduced in the 1930s.

Despite Tel-Aviv’s never-ending development, Rothschild Boulevard retains its status as trendy, and one of the most beautiful parts of the city.

We recommend having a guided tour of the avenue as part of a guided day tour of Jaffa and Tel-Aviv.

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