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Mount Herzl

mount herzlLocated on a hilltop in SW Jerusalem, between  “Yad Vashem  and Jerusalem’s military cemetary, Mount Herzl is Israels’ national leadership cemetary. 

The site is named after Theodor Herzl wikipedia s, who is also buried at its top. Around his burial are tombs of various leaders of the nations such as Golda Meir wikipedia s and Yitzhak Rabin wikipedia sNear the entrance is a recommended visitors center (“Herzl Mueum” ).

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Mount Herzl is in Western Jerusalem, near “Yad Vashem”  .

Contact me for a proposal of a full day tour of Jerusalem, that will also include a visit to Mount Herzl.

Points of Interest in the Area

herzl museumHerzl Museum
 yad vashemYad Vashem
Ein Karem
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