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Nachlaot street

‘Nachlaot’ (in Hebrew: ‘Collonies’) is collective name for over 23 neighborhoods formed in western Jerusalem in the late 19th and early 20th centuries CE. These early Jewish neighborhoods outside the walls of the old city of Jerusalem are an historical landmark. They represent and important chapter in the history of the Zionist Movement and the history of Jerusalem

History of Nachlaot

The first neighborhood of Nachlaot was formed in 1875 on the side of the main road from Jerusalem to Jaffa (“Jaffa road”). Gradually more properties were purchased along the road, grouping into one big neighborhood. One of the properties was reserved for commerce. Named “Mahane Yehudah Market”, it is the main open market of Jerusalem to this day.

Touring Nachlaot

nachlaotDue to its central location and gentrification, prices of housing in Nachlaot are on a constant rise. Nevertheless, a strict conservation policy is preserving its original appearance – narrow lanes among stone-built structures, hidden courtyards and several small synagogues. Nachlaot is a popular tourist destination especially on the high Jewish holidays of Yom-Kippur and Hannukah.

A tour of Nachlaot can be combined with a guided day tour of Jerusalem.

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