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Khirbet Yattir

khirbet Yattir

“Khirbet Yattir” is an archaeological site 12 km NW of Arad. It is mentioned a few times in the Bible (cf. Joshua 15:48; 21:13-14; I Sam. 30:27 and I Chr. 6:57). In the 4th Century CE Eusebius of Caesarea describes Yattir as a Christian village, and in the Madaba Map (6th-7th Century CE), Yattir is depicted as a small fortified village with two churches. 

khirbet yattir

The site was excavated in the 1990’s. Most intrguing were the remains of a church with a mosaic floor with unique designs. Some suggests that these decorations indicate the community was Judeo-Christines. If so, this is the most important archaeological discovery relating to Judeo-Christines in antiquity. Unfortunately the mosaic floor is all covered and nothing can be seen of it today.


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