Nahal Oz is a communal farm (kibbutz) in the northwestern part of the Negev, 0.5 miles from Gaza’s border. It was founded as a military post in 1951, near the former kibbutz of Be’eroth Itzhak. In 1953 it evolved to a civilian community that lived as a communal farm (kibbutz). Nahal Oz’s economy is based primarily on agriculture. It grows carrots, cotton, and wheat and operates a dairy and chicken farm. In 1997 it conducted an internal privatization reform.

Attacks on Nahal Oz

In April 1956, Sudani soldiers of the Egyptian army stationed in Gaza killed Nahal Oz’s security officer, Ro’i Rothberg and mutilated his body. The event became also known for the powerful eulogy of Moshe Dayan, chief of staff, at his funeral. Three more kibbutz members died in similar attacks from Gaza in the 1950s. In 1968 two kibbutz died when their vehicle drove over a mine placed by militants from Gaza.

In 2014, during operating protective edge, mortar fire from Gaza killed a four-year-old resident of the Kibbutz Daniel Tregerman.

October 7th 2023 Attack

On October 7th 2023 about 40-50 Hamas militants attacked the neighboring military base of Nahal Oz. They killed 20 of its soldiers and six are reported missing. Most of the soldiers were females of the Israeli Combat Intelligence Collection Corps and were not armed.

About 100 Hamas militants infiltrated the Kibbutz. They killed 13 of the kibbutz members and kidnapped 8. The kidnapping of some was broadcasted live on Facebook. Israeli military forces battled them for 12 hours and cleared the citizens to a safe zone.

Notable figures and events –

Shlomo Ron – 85-year-old member of the kibbutz was hiding with his family in the secured room. At some point he came out and set on the sofa so the terrorists will think he lives alone. He was shot dead but, the the terrorists did not continue to search the house. Thus he saves his wife, two daughters, and a grandchild.

Noam Tibon and Israel Ziv – Noam and Israel are both former Israeli military high commanding officers. On October 7th they drove to Nahal Oz and managed to rescue Noam’s son and his family and other kibbutz members.

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