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netiv haasara postNetiv Ha’asara (Hebrew, נתיב העשרה) is an Israeli farm of 900 members located just 100 meters north of the Gaza Strip. Established in 1982, it is named in memory of 10 IDF soldiers who died in a helicopter crash in 1971. The farm was initially established in northern Sinai, but following the Israel-Egyptian peace agreement, Israel relocated it to its current location. The farm specializes in flowers, unique varieties of tomatoes and peppers, spices, and turkeys.

Netiv HaAsara after 2005

Following the Israeli disengagement from Gaza in 2005, three concrete walls were built against potential Palestinian snipers and infiltrations. Nevertheless, repeated rocket attacks on the farm caused the death of 5 residents of Netiv HaAsara and soldiers between 2005 and 2021. In 2007, terrorists tried attacking the farm by climbing the wall but were killed by the Israeli army.

Path to Peace Art Project

path for peace netiv haasaraDespite the continuous attacks from Gaza, members of Netiv HaAsara initiated a project of decorating the wall facing Gaza with messages for peace. Known as “Path to Peace,” this project became a tourist attraction, turning a defensive wall into a wall with a message of peace. Visitors add ceramic tiles to the wall’s decoration and are given a geopolitical review.

Netiv HaAsara 2023 Massacre

During the October 7th, 2023, Hamas terror attack on Israel, 3 Hamas militants infiltrated Netiv HaAsara by motorized gliders and 32 later by cars. They damaged the military communication tower, so a warning was not sent to its security squad. The terrorists killed three members of the first-response team and 18 civilians. They also injured many and burnt two homes. At 13:00, Israeli forces arrived at the farm and secured it.

Notable figures –

Bilhaa and Yaakobi Yinon – A couple that was murdered in their house, which was also burnt.

Amnon Ziv – Head of the response team. Seeing the motorized gliders, he alerted the response team and neighboring farms of the attack.

Sabin Taasa – Member of the farm who lost her husband, Gil, and her son, Or who was surfing in Zikim Beach.

A tour of Netiv HaAsara can be combined with a day tour around Gaza Strip.

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