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Beth Shemesh

Ancient Beth Shemesh was a regional center in  Canaanite and Israelite times. Its Hebrew name (“House of Sun“) suggests it was a local Canaanite worship center for a Sun God “Shemesh”.

The site was excavated by three different expeditions, The third, from Tel-Aviv University, is active at the site to this day.

In 2020 Dr. Zv Lederman, announced the possible discovery of the stone on which the ark of the covenant rested after its return from Philistine captivity, as documented in I Sam. 6.

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Tel Beth-Shemesh is located in the central Shefelah, west of modern city by the same name.

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Points of Interest in the Area

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 midras mosaic detail. (c) Peter StephanskyKhirbet Midras
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(12/19) The Location of Placing the Ark of the Covenant in Beth-Shemesh Discovered?

The Ark of the Covenant and Beth-Shemesh The book of Samuel mainly documents the struggles of the tribes of Israel against the Philistines, a struggle that eventually led to the kingdom by Saul and David, and the creation of Jerusalem as their capital. According to the Bible, the most sacred object of the tribes of Israel was the Ark of the Covenant, which contained the Tablets, the instructions of the God of Israel how to worship it. Given to Moses at Mount Sinai, the tablets in the ark were carried through the wilderness, and once the Israelites of conquered the