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“Tomb of Maimonides”

tomb of maimonides tiberiasMaimonides (the “Rambam”) is one of the greatest Jewish sages ever.  He was both a philosopher, Astronomer, Phycisian, and a Torah Scholar. According to tradition Maimonides died in Egypt but asked not to be buried in Egypt and so quoted Patriarch’s Jacob last words: “Do not bury me in Egypt” (Genesis 47:29).

Being so, a camel brought his body to Tiberias, where he is buried to this day. The site is a popular pilgrimage destination among religious Jews.

Book a Private Tour to the “Tomb of Maimonides”

The Tomb mark of Maimonides is in the heart of Tiberiasand is about 2 hours drive from Tel-Aviv.

Contact us for a proposal of full day tour that will also include a visit to Tiberias and its sites.

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